14' x 10' Cheshire

After an initial visit to our factory, a site meeting was arranged at the customers house. Various locations were considered, as well as potential sizes and designs.

After much deliberating, it was decided that the Cheshire Summerhouse would be the perfect solution, the large windows and offset doors worked with the internal layout the customers wanted to achieve.

Once the size and location were decided, the next stage involved the necessary removal of shrubs and bushes as well as the laying of a suitable base. This work was completed whilst the building was in production, meaning a seamless process.

Our delivery team installed the building on a cold and damp day, with just the groundworks complete. Once the building was installed, the next task was to 'make pretty' the area surrounding the building. It was decided a small decked area and gravel surround would work best. Plants were also chosen and planted.

Whilst the landscaping was progressing, the customer sourced a wood burning stove, this was professionally inside the building to create an all year round snug environment.

The final stages involved internal and external painting in a Dulux Weathershield paint.

From all accounts, the whole project has transformed the outdoor space, and created an extra escape!



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