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Established over 30 years ago and continually evolving, we feel our hard work and experience gained over these years has contributed to making us one of the leading garden building companies in the country. The range of products, flexibility, passion and customer care are just a few of the attributes that we believe we should shout about.

We understand that making any purchase can be a daunting experience, please see the following brief points that we believe make us stand out from the crowd.

  • 100% Tanalised (pressure treated) timber throughout - not simply dipped or sprayed preservatives/colours. Tanalised timber offers a significanly increased life span, without the need for annual painting.
  • We have over 80 display buildings to view within our factory show site- Nothing can beat coming to stand inside and get a feel for a building. We're not a virtual company. We welcome you to come and have a look around out factory and show site. You can come and get a feel for who we are!
  • We are a family business - We have a real passion for everything we do, it really matters to us. With family members involved in all stages and positions within the business, we ensure this passion shows through.
  • Buildings delivered and installed by our employees - We don't just drop off your building at the side of the kerb, we offer a full installation service and install nearly all buildings. We currently employ three installation teams. These teams have a great deal of manufacture and installation experience. We ensure all installation teams have a great deal of hands on manufacturing experience within our factory before they are tasked with installing buildings - meaning they know exactly how your building is made.
  • Air dried and moisture content checked timber - All timber is individually air dried checked for our desired moisture content before being allocated to internal storage, meaning you won't experince excessive shrinkage or movement.
  • Manufactured to your specific requirements - Whether you require a small tool store or a large office, every building is manufactured on site to your specific lay out and configuration at no extra cost
  • A selection of over 5 cladding boards - We feel that this, combined with our flexibility means we offer the most comprehensive range of buildings you will find in the whole country
  • T&G timber throughout - Don't be fooled by 'solid roof' claims, T&G timber is significantly stronger and longer lasting than inferior OSB/Sterling board/Solid/Chipboard roofs
  • 3" x 2" roof trusses in ALL buildings - Whether you opted for a 6' x 4' shed or a large workshop, all buildings have 3" x 2" roof trusses - giving greater strength and much less chance of 'sagging' over time
  • Triple Galvanised nails - It may seem a minor point, however, all nails used are a minimum of triple galvanised (stainless steel within offices). These nails don't 'bleed' leaving nasty black run marks and rusted heads. They are also much stronger than cheaper alternatives
  • 33 1/4" wide door opening - Everything apart from 4' wide sheds comes with a wide door (nearly 4" wider than a standard house door). This helps when you are bringing tools/lawnmowers and bikes in and out
  • Established over 30 years ago - Although we always strive to improve, we feel after 30 years of business we have a good understanding of garden buildings!
  • 3" x 2" framework within all doors and door frames - We use this to give stability and strength, our buildings don't twist when lent and pushed on
  • 3" x 2" diagonal supporting timbers - All door gable sections come with diagonal bracing timbers to give added strength and rigidity
  • Internally screwed building sections- Not only do we nail (and bolt on workshops & summerhouses) our buildings together, we use a top quality screw to to tie the building sections together.
  • Double beaded and sealed glass windows - We use a 3mm glass or optional 4mm toughened glass (standard in summerhouses) for our windows, not a 1mm plastic/perspex found in other buildings. Glazing isn't simply pinned in position, we use two levels of beading, together with high grade silicone to give added protection from the elements

We could go on and on....you should have the idea by now. We manufacture and install very good quality buildings and very good value for money prices.

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